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Why double glazing?
There are many reasons to consider double glazing for your home.
Warmer in winter
Save on your power bills
Dramatically reduces condensation
Increases security and safety
Reduces outside noise
Cooler in summer
Reduces interior fading
Enhances resale value
Glass Insulation Comparison

The graph highlights the improvement in thermal performance by using different types of double glazing.

Wellington Double Glazing can supply all of the double glazing systems listed in the graph. We will advise you on the best solution for your home and budget.

Healthy Windows, Happy Home

We offer a full Warrant of Fitness for existing wooden window and door frames.

We can repair, re-make sections or even replace entire frames, always maintaining your frames characteristics and style.

This helps ensure you receive the best results from your retro-fit double glazing and helps to keep your windows and doors in great condition.

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